The Problem we disovered
How can we bring transparency into the modular budget process?
Next Step - Customer Preference Testing
Voice of the Customer: 23 interviews in 2 months
My Process: Directed Discovery
Our current solution was creating too much confusion. Admins couldn’t tell what the true costs were that they needed in order to complete their modular budget. They needed exact numbers to match so they could be sure the budget was correct. But with our current solution, finding those exact numbers was cumbersome, difficult, and somtimes impossible. We needed a better solution.
Once our team was on the same page about the problem we were trying to solve, the next step was to come up with solutions to that problem and put those solutions in front of the customer.
Customer Confirmation Testing
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After testing with another 20 admins of our prototypes, we received rav reviews from them about our solution. The solution is now built and being used in production for these universities. We are getting very positive feedback from them about improving their workflow and making the process better.
You can view my case study on creating the Kuali Research Modular Budget Redesign for Colorado State University and MIT
Read the Case Study
Prototype Demo
Our main goal was to do some foundational reasearch with our two main customers, Colorado State University and MIT. Over the course of two months, we met with over 20 different admins at each university where we used Zoom.us to watch them use our current product. From those sessions, we discovered the main problem with our current software.